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Was founded in 1995 with the CUIAI Tool Co. Ltd is a company focused on CNC tools, measuring tools, machine tool accessories professional companies, the company has always been committed to the introduction of the world's most advanced products to domestic customers, provide a complete tool solution for customers and technical support. One after another in Shenzhen, Shanghai set up a sales company with independent import and export rights, sales variety, reputation chuo. Imports of metal processing tools and a variety of abrasive materials and electronics, watches and clocks, plastic, molding, high-grade wood furniture, car coating, hull, aerospace and other related industries have a close relationship. Our focus has won a number of well-known manufacturers, suppliers of recognition and respect, will have the right to grant the right to our company.


The company's main business day. Europe. Beauty. Taiwan brand. STK. STM cutter, YAMAWA.OSG wire tapping, MITSUBISHI MITSUBISHI blade, varus Israel Vargas, KYOCERA KYOCERA. Tai Ke Luo TUNGALOY, HEULE DORMER Thomas Youli, Japan OKAZAKI reamer, Eagle VERTEX. Daishowa BIG. Holy north. Palek PARLEC machining center shank. Mitutoyo measuring instrument, Li branch NACHI. Su's SUS. working bit series. Abundant inventory. Variety complete. And a processing center of their own, can be customized a variety of tungsten steel. High speed steel non-standard parts, drill, milling cutter, reamer. Welding cutter. Thanks to the majority of users support, we will do it with high quality service, timely delivery, adhering to the "customer first, forge ahead" business philosophy, adhere to the "to provide quality service to customers first" principle for our customers to create a win-win situation.


Hornet from Israel is metal processing experts, the main products include powder high-speed steel, carbide, ceramics, metal ceramics, cubic boron nitride (CBN), polycrystalline diamond (PCD) cutting tool materials such as handle fixture, users throughout the car, motorcycle, machine tools and other machinery manufacturing, mining engineering, steel smelting. Electrical and electronic industries and other small and medium-sized tool manufacturing company. We produce a range of tools including about 10000 different products, in terms of metal materials processing and clamping technology Hornet can provide standard and non-standard overall solutions and high precision advanced processing technology. I hope you can help in the wave of industrial upgrading.


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